DEVKUND the virgin waterfall trek

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Significance of the Devkund waterfall…

In Mangaon near Bhira dam, there is a small village named ‘Bhira.’ Devkund waterfall is located deep inside the forest near this Bhira village.

It is also called as the ‘Virgin Waterfall’. Away from the human society and uncleanliness of the outside world it has maintained its purity and beauty, is it so called as the virgin waterfall…? Do visit yourself and know.

One more specialty of Devkund waterfall is that, it has been created where three waterfalls meet together and the flow from this waterfall is crystal clear. Very few places in India you will get to see such a purity of water.

Also the famous Kundilika river for Rafting has been originated from Devkund waterfall.

How do you reach Devkund Waterfall…?

Devkund waterfall route from Mumbai

mumbai to devkund waterfall
Mumbai to Devkund Waterfall route

Trekkers from Mumbai can head towards the Devkund waterfall from Mumbai-Banglore Highway. Take right turn from Pali Phata and move towards NH-92 way i.e Khopoli-Pali Road. While crossing this route you will come across Pali Police station and then after Ballaleshwar Ashtavinayak Temple. Please find the link to follow the route from Mumbai towards Devkund waterfall.

Devkund waterfall route from Pune

Pune to Devkund waterfall
Pune to Devkund waterfall route

Punekars have to pass along the Tamhini Ghat and make their way towards the Devkund waterfall, Please find the link for route from Pune to the Devkund waterfalls 

My experience of exploring the virgin Devkund waterfall…

Starting from the base village, the trek till the Devkund waterfall takes approx two hours. I will suggest to start the trek early in the morning as it takes 2 hrs to complete the trek starting from Bhira village till the Devkund waterfall and approximately take one and half hour to return back.

It will be advised by me to wear good grip shoes and carry ready to eat food along with energy drinks and water on the trek. Know more to pack your bags during trek.

“Life is BETTER in Trekking Shoes”

Please take a strict note:

Please note non-veg food is not allowed to carry and consume near the waterfall as it is considered as a holy place by the locals. Also you need to remove your foot wear before entering the Devkund.

Safety divider of net is built by the locals as there was an incident of drowning of 3 trekkers, so tourists are not allowed to get deep inside the Devkund, however you can enjoy yourselves near the shore of the Devkund. And yes it is also compulsory to get yourself a guide before you head towards the Devkund from base village.


1. Parking charges: 25

2. Guide charge: 50 per head.

Tip: “Before leaving for trek you can ask the locals to cook veg/ non-veg food. So when you return from trek you can relax at their place and get yourself recharged“.

During our trek we have ordered Chicken thali from a local known “Shelar Mama .” Let me tell you there are many locals with surname Shelar, so do know the exact name of the local from whom you are ordering food to avoid confusion later.

Royal Sahyadri trekkers ready for the Devkund trek

Also starting the trek early gives you the feeling of superiority of completeting the trek early than anyone else. Know more about benefits of starting trek early here.After all the parking and guide payment you start your journey to the kund through dense forest. At the beginning only after travelling few meters, we found this ‘वारूळ’ (Ant hill), architect by the small mighty creatures. If you observe around you will get to experience loads of mysterious and rare things in the woods.

Ant hill Architect by the mighty little ants

Before you enter the dense forest you will pass through the Kundalika river bed. The river which is originated from the Devkund waterfall.

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As you go little further you will notice the stream of water coming from the woods is crystal clear and icy chilled.

Again there are two ways to the Devkund. One way which is quite easy taking you from the less challenging route and another way taking you through dense forest where your stamina and endurance is challenged by the ups and downs of the climb.

We unknowingly went through the second route as we got separated from our guide, however we made through the route by following the sound of the waterfalls and noise by the tourists.

“Keep your Eyes on the Horizon and your nose to the Wind”

While returning back from the waterfall we went from the first route as we were too tired after the trek. While returning back we came across a wooden bridge which was built by the locals to cross the flow of water during monsoons.

Also the first route is the way from where the water from the waterfall flows to the Kundalika river. The flow of the water was calm, but during the monsoons it will be fiercly fast flow.

Once you reach the place of the Devkund waterfall and experience its enchanting beauty with your own eyes, you will be stunned for a movement praising its beauty. The stream of the water falling from the top of the mountain into the kund is just heavenly. The blue crystal clear water is evidence of its purity.

The force of the waterfall is quite strong, so precaution must be taken when you walk beneath it as there are chances of rocks sliding from the top.

Best time to visit the Devkund waterfall…

During the monsoons the force of the water is even more stronger and the Kund is completely flooded with water. Hence, the trek to the Devkund waterfall is closed when monsoons are at peak.

If you want to enjoy the monsoon rains along with the beauty of the waterfalls, giving the visit before the start of monsoon or at the ending of monsoon will be the best time.

Enjoying in the water of the Devkund…

Getting into water in the kund after the long walk is just amazing, the icy cold water beats the heat out of you. There is also facility for changing for female trekkers inside the tent built along the kund.

One can just relax inside the waters and have your feet fish manicured for free. If you keep yourself still without making any movement, small fishes inside the kund encircle and tickles your feet.

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The environment and scenery aound the kund is elegant so very good pictures can be taken, it is basically a classy place for photography and videography. There were also group of trekkers rappeling from top of Devkund waterfall. Hoping that we will also try rappeling in the near future.

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Snacks you can enjoy after exploring the devkund waterfall…

One can also enjoy ‘garmagaram vadapav’ (hot vadapaav) from the stall near by the Devkund to heat yourself after the chilled dip into the kund. Sitting back on the rocks and having glance at the waterfall will make you feel stress free and relief from tiredness.

“Do things that make you forget to check your phone”

After this trek you will go back home with a memorable experience. If you are new to trekking, get trek guide here. Completing this trek we felt like exploring the unexplored.

Delicious Food at Shelar Mama’s Place:

We came back to the base village and had our lunch at “Shelar Mama’s place,” the food was deliocious and typical “gavthi type….ekdum zhanzhanit…” Shelar mama provided us (6 trekkers) along with a group of trekkers (approx. 15-20) unlimited food.


Shelar Mama’s place is close to the starting point of the trek, so one can order food before starting the trek and after the trek can have their lunch at this place.

Conclusion: Devkund waterfall a must place to add to your bucket list…

Devkund waterfall was just a miraculous waterfall and visiting this place was just a magical experience like one in the fairy tale. I would recommend every trekker to add this trek in your bucket list and do explore this mighty waterfall.


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