Yeva Konkan Aploch Assa!!! : Weekend trip to Malvan beach

A calm seashore destination, Malvan lies in the heart of Konkan, it is a part of the Konkan coast in western Maharashtra.

We planned a trip or a small budgeted weekend stay at Malvan beach to enjoy the water sports and the food. After working hours instead of getting tired we were filled with enthusiasm and energy as we all knew amazing adventure was waiting for us at the Malvan beach.

In the late evening we boarded our booked bus and headed for Malvan beach. It was a 11 Hrs long journey.

How to reach Malvan beach…

mumbai to malvan

Day 1:

Refreshing after the long journey…

After reaching Malvan Depot in the morning at around 7:00 AM, we headed towards our booked room. We have done the booking on call and made reservation for a room.

We quickly got refreshed, had our morning breakfast and tea and asked the room owner for water sports on the Malvan beach.


With his reference we met one of the broker we arrange water sports at the malvan beach. We bargained for the price of all water sports and then came to the conclusion of paying Rs 1500 per head for all water sports.

Malvan beach…

Soon we headed to the Malvan beach which was few meters away from our stay. Malvan beach has smooth silky sand which feels soft under your feet as you walk and explore the beach. Also the sea water and the sky is clear with fresh air for breathing.

We met the broker who was going to arrange for our water sports and headed out to our first water sport which was Scuba Diving.

Scuba Diving…

From the Coast, they took us to the center of the ocean, near the Sindhudurg fort for Scuba Diving. Along with us there were other 4 members on the boat which took us to the scuba diving spot.


When we reached to the Scuba Diving spot we were transferred to another boat where professionals (people, mostly locals whose daily job is in the ocean and are good swimmers) along with other tourists were there. The boat which bought us to the Scuba diving spot exchanged the tourists from other boat and again headed to the cost.

Turn by turn we started our activity. We were provided with Oxygen cylinders, face mask which covers your nose completely and you need to breathe from your mouth and our body was tied with weights so that we can go down till the sea bed.

Initially the instructors guide us on how to use our oxygen cylinders and after that they take us to the bottom of the occean. Underneath the occean the water is crystal clear and you can have amazing view of the corals and differents types of colorful fishes around you.

Video shooting and photo shooting is done by the professionals, you just need to follow their instructions and keep yourself calm when you are underneath the water.

After the scuba diving, we went to have our lunch and took rest for half an hour. After that we went to other water sports which included Banana ride, Jetski ride, Bumper ride and Parasailing.

Bumper ride…

Jetski Ride…


Enjoying the Sunset on the Speed Boat…

After parasailing it was almost evening we enjoyed on the speed boat on our way back to the cost enjoying the amazing sunset view.

After completing all day enjpyment we proceeded to our stay place where we had our dinner and slept.

Day 2:

This was our last day at Malvan and also we need to catch our Bus to Mumbai at 3PM from Malvan Depot. So first thing was to explore the Tarkarli beach.

Tarkarli beach is attached to Malvan beach cost and is also famous for its white sand, clear water and the water sports.

After exploring the tarkarli beach we again went back to Malvan beach and from there took the ferry towards the Sindhudurg fort built by Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj on an island.

The ferry to the fort costs you around Rs 70 per head which includes return cost as well. We explored the Sindhudurg fort for some time and had a photo shoot and enjoyed the coastal view from the top.

After exploring the fort, we hurried back to the Malvan beach as we need to catch our Bus. We returned back to Mumbai with loads of memories and a mesmerizing experiences. It was an indeed pleasant weekend for rejuvenating ourselves from the normal daily life.


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